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Thursday, February 25, 2010

RCTI Box Office Movies (Part 3), Global TV Big Movies, Bioskop Trans TV

These are the reviews I've promised before!
Hope you enjoy reading this.. :)) 

RCTI Box Office

Again, they both meet after their acting in Pretty Woman..
Okay, not just both of them..
The director and another actor named Hector Elizondo (he's the one who act in Valentine's Day too!)..
It's just like Pretty Woman's reunion.. Haha..
Unfortunately, this movie not as successful as Pretty Woman..
Unique idea of story, though..
I just knew that there is case of THE REAL runaway bride.. Wow~ (Read this)

So, Ike Graham (Richard Gere), a newspaper columnist in New York, is out of idea to write in his column. One night, he goes to a bar and find out an unique story from a drunken man about a woman with her famous  label "the runaway bride". This woman named Maggie Carpenter (Julia Robert). Ike's offensive writing about Maggie Carpenter, a woman whom he never meets before, makes him get bad response from public. He also gets fired from journalism world. Then Ike is adviced to investigate Maggie's life at Maryland in order to get his reputation back. The latest news tell that Maggie is going to hold her 4th married. On his investigation, an unexpected affair happens. They fall in love each other and do a "real" altar kissing practice in front of Bob, Maggie's fiance who is pretending as the priest. Events after that is Bob leaves Maggie, and Ike replaces Bob's place as the groom since everything is already prepaired for the wedding. Is Maggie will left Ike like she always does at her previous wedding? Just find out! (Haha..)

The Runaway Bride: Maggie Carpenter (I like this scene.. The bride's gown color looks so contrast with the horse skin..); Julia Roberts, Garry Marshall (the director), and Richard Gere (this is what I call a reunion! XD)

Favorite quotes:
I guarantee there'll be tough times. I guarantee that at some point, one or both of us is gonna want to get out of this thing. But I also guarantee that if I don't ask you to be mine, I'll regret it for the rest of my life, because I know, in my heart, you're the only one for me. ~ Ike Graham
 Favorite soundtrack:

~ I Love You by Martina McBride ~

The sun is shining everyday
The clouds never get in the way for you and me
I've known you just a week or two
But baby I'm so into you I can hardly breathe

And I'm in
So totally wrapped up
Emotionally attracted
So physically acting
So recklessly I need you
So desperately sure as the sky is blue
Baby I love you
I love you

I never knew that I could feel like this
Can hardly wait till our next kiss
Your so cool
If I'm dreaming please don't wake me up
'Cause baby I can't get enough of what you do

And I'm in
So electrically charged up
Kinetically acting
Erractically need you
Fanatically you get to me
Magically sure as the sky is blue
Baby I love you

I can't believe
That this is real
The way I feel
Baby I gone head over heels

And I'm in
So totally wrapped up
Emotionally attracted
So physically acting
So recklessly I need you
So desperately sure as the sky is blue

And I'm in
So electrically charged up
Kinetically acting
Erractically need you
Fanatically you get to me
Magically sure as the sky is blue
Baby I love you
Baby I love you
Do you love me too
Baby I love you

And listen to my "M.U.S.I.C" column at the right.. ;) 


I've watched this movie in HBO channel.. (Ow, I miss my cable channel~~ Hix..)
The story is based on children book written by Kate DiCamillo..

A stray dog who is found by 10 years old girl, India Opal Buloni (AnnaSophia Robb), in a local market at Naomi, Florida. Opal (that girl nickname) name this dog same with the market's name: Winn-Dixie. She loves Winn Dixie very much since she has no friend yet in her new neighborhood. Opal leaves with her father who is a preacher at the local church, . Her mother has left them when Opal was 3 years old. Because of Winn-Dixie, Opal meets many new people and befriend with them all. She meets

Otis (Dave Matthews), the worker at Gertrude's Pets who has passion in music. (LOVE his guitar playing!!)
She works there to pay a leash and collar for Winn-Dixie.

Miss Franny Block (Eva Marie Saint), the libarian, and Mr. Alfred (B. J. Hopper), Opal's nearest neighbor who used to dislike Winn-Dixie because so much trouble that he has made.

The Dewberry brothers, Dunlap and Stevie Dewberry (Luke Benward and Nick Price).

Gloria Dump (Cicely Tyson), a blind recovering alcoholic who is called a witch by the Dewberrys because she never appears in the neighborhood.

Sweetie Pie Thomas (Elle Faning), she IS a sweet little girl. :))

Amanda Wilkinson (Courtney Jines), Opal calls her the "pinch-faced".

At the end of the story, Opal celebrates a party around the neighborhood at Gloria's house. The idea comes from a book she gets from Miss Franny, Gone with the Wind. Everybody joins the party and enjoys the glorious moment together.

Favorite quote:
You cannot hold onto anything that wants to go. Do you understand what I'm sayin'? You just got to love it while you got it, and that's that. ~ Gloria Dump
Hey, visit this site too..!

GLOBAL TV Big Movies

It's a romantic comedy teenagers movie..
Don't you think the girl's face is cute?!
Her name is Charlie Ray..
I read in Wikipedia, this is the first movie which she acts for without attending any movie casting..
I think she plays well enough..
Gabriel/Gabe (Josh Hutcherson), a 10 3/4 years old boy, meets his first love at his karate class. She is  11 years old Rosemary Telesco, Gabe's former kindergarten friend. Rosemary's family reverse to Gabe's. She has a loving parents and an adopted little sister. While Gabe's parent is in a divorce process although they still leave in same apartment room but different bedroom. Since then, Gabe and Rosemary often meet and talk to each other everyday.

They  both try to find a new apartment for Gabe's dad,

 encounter and fight a trouble-maker kid,

practice karate together at Gabe's apartment,

go to a jazz concert where Gabe encourages himself to hold Rosemary's hand and kiss her for the first time.

Until one day, Rosemary gets a new karate partner. A guy who is more good-looking and older than Gabe. Gabe gets so jealous. He feels like a brokenhearted man. And the crying scene successfully makes me laugh. X) But in the end, Gabe finally says, right in front of Rosemary, that he loves her. He suddenly realized that the reason why his parents separate is things left unsaid.

Bioskop TRANS TV

A Way Back Into Love, a song that Alex Fletcher is working on, will be sang by a famous teen pop singer named Cora Corman. She gives him only days to finish it up. The problem is  he and his song-writer, Colin Thompson (Scott Porter), is stuck in finding the lyrics. Alex and Colin is two out of five members of 80s hits band, PoP!. Then, Alex accidentally discovers a talented song-writer who is watering his apartment's plant named Sophie Fisher. He really likes the lyrics that Sophie makes. Basically, all inspirations that pop out in Sophie's mind based on her own experience. She used to have an affair with her English professor, Sloan Cates who now is a well-known novelist. His best-seller book is titled The Incredibly True Story of Sally Michael. The fictional character, Sally, actually represent Sophie. He called her a talentless mimic and it discourages Sophie to continue writing since high school. Looking at this situation, Alex helps Sophie to bounce back. He says "The best time I’ve had in the last fifteen years was sitting at that piano with you." Cheesy, but it has deep meaning for Sophie. Their song project goes so well (even Cora loves it!) until Cora rearranges the song's beat into a "steamy and sticky" Indian vibe's beat which Sophie doesn't like. She thinks Cora indirectly has changed the meaning of the song. Affraid of losing his career, Alex tells Sophie to let off Cora's arrangement. Sophie, who doesn't want her writing made into a meaningless song, feels very disappointed with Alex. So she leaves him. Meanwhile, the show must go on. Cora holds her concert at Madison Square Garden and Alex Fletcher is her guest star. Sophie "sacrifisely" comes to the concert with her sister (who is a big fans of Alex) and also her sister's family (her niece is a fans of Cora and want to show her friends that her aunt is one of Cora's song-writer). Hmm.. I think it's already too much. The ending? Watch the video below. ;)

From left to right: Sophie Fisher (Drew Barrymore), Alex Fletcher (Hugh Grant), and Sloan Cates (Campbell Scott); PoP! 80s band (look at Alex's straight wig! Eww.. Haha XP); Alex and Cora Corman (Haley Bennett)
Favorite quote:
A melody is like seeing someone for the first time. The physical attraction. Sex. But then, as you get to know the person, that's the lyrics. Their story. Who they are underneath. It's the combination of the two that makes it magical. ~ Sophie Fisher

~ Way Back Into Love by Hugh Grant & Haley Bennett ~

I’ve been living with a shadow overhead
I’ve been sleeping with a cloud above my bed
I’ve been lonely for so long
Trapped in the past, I just can’t seem to move on
I’ve been hiding all my hopes and dreams away
Just in case I ever need em again someday
I’ve been setting aside time
To clear a little space in the corners of my mind
All I want to do is find a way back into love
I can’t make it through without a way back into love
Oh oh oh
I’ve been watching but the stars refuse to shine
I’ve been searching but I just don’t see the signs
I know that it’s out there
There’s got to be something for my soul somewhere
I’ve been looking for someone to shed some light
Not just somebody just to get me throught the night
I could use some direction
And I’m open to your suggestions
All I want to do is find a way back into love
I can’t make it through without a way back into love
And if I open my heart again
I guess I’m hoping you’ll be there for me in the end
There are moments when I don’t know if it’s real
Or if anybody feels the way I feel
I need inspiration Not just another negotiation
All I want to do is find a way back into love
I can’t make it through without a way back into love
And if I open my heart to you
I’m hoping you’ll show me what to do
And if you help me to start again
You know that I’ll be there for you in the end

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Do you know what the word "fallen" really means in this movie?
Actually, it refers to fallen angel..

In most Christian denominations, a fallen angel is an angel who has been exiled or banished from Heaven. The best-known fallen angel is Lucifer. (Wikipedia)

In this movie, the fallen angel's name is Azazel. He roams the earth and can possess human's body. He moves to other human through body contact. To show his presence in a human's body, it's told that the characteristics are ability to speak *Aramaic language, like to sing The Rolling Stone's song "Time Is on My Side", and left-handed. Edgar Reese is a killer that possessed by Azazel and already excecuted in a gas chamber by Detective John Hobbes. Before the excecution, Azazel tried to switch body to the detective, but he can't enter it. Curious with John, Azazel terrorizes him by possessing a few bodies then makes them killing innocent people with similar killing style of Reese. As a detective, John feels like someone is playing on him until he finds out the truth that he is facing a bad spirit. A theologian named Gretta Milano, who is also daughter of a late cop that used to investage Reese's case, tells him that it's Azazel, the fallen angel. John Hobbes, in fact, is not a religious person and he doesn't easily believe in that kind of thing. But a series of odd events convince him about Azazel's existence. Azazel successfully makes John kill an innocent man who is possessed by him and he also kill John's mental illness brother, Art (Gabriel Casseus). Art has a son named Sam Hobbes (Michael J. Pagan). So, how John survives protecting his nephew while finding a way to beat Azazel? ;)

From left to right: Jonesy (John Goodman): John Hobbes' cop partner and John himself (Denzel Washington); Gretta Milano (Embeth Davidtz); Edgar Reese (Elias Koteas)

*During its 3,000-year history, Aramaic has served variously as a language of administration of empires and as a language of divine worship. It was the day-to-day language of Israel in the Second Temple period (539 BCE – 70 CE), was the original language of large sections of the biblical books of Daniel and Ezra, was the language spoken by Jesus, and is the main language of the Talmud. (Wikipedia)

Favorite quote:
Meanwhile, Dolores, she said that we brought here (live on earth) to do one thing. It's just when the moment comes, we could do the right thing or wrong. ~ Jonesy

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