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Monday, February 22, 2010

Flavorful Life (Couldn't Wish for More)

I just feel like I want to pour this out in form of a composition..
All things that happened yesterday definitely make my life look like a flavorful candy..

In the morning, I woke up and prepared my self ready to the morning service..
I still remember the praise after sermon sang by GPIB Marturia's vocal group..
Their song melody is so The BeeGees and it was so nice to be listened.. X)
After the service, we (me and my parents) continued to our Sunday School b'day celebration..
I was so excited to sing at the opening service..
I just love celebration~~
At games time, I and my teaching partner watched over Balap Mobil (racing car) stand..
A game for kid under 5 years old.. Easy game~~
I was so enjoying every moment at the celebration before I must go to the Sunday School teacher's coaching and do the story telling..
My heart felt so calm and happy at the same time..
With these things around me, how could not?!

  • A Happy Birthday song in Indonesian version echoing in the room with sounds of claping hands.. 
  • A lovely blueberry birthday cake made by one of our Sunday School teacher..

  • The Racing Car game~~ X)
  • Cupcake made by the same person.. :))
  • Fun time with all Sunday School's teacher.. :))

And the coaching..
I got the 6th turn to come forward..
Every performance was commented and marked.. 
I was so nervous and I got more nervous when I realized that there's something wrong with my preparation based on all comments of the other previous performances..
I kept thinking what I should do with it..
Then at the last minute I decided to change my story telling model, but it was a wrong (very wrong) decision..
I should stick to the plan and believe with my own preparation.. (I did prepare well for this~)
The result was I suddenly forgot the plot in the middle of the story.. -,-"
Shame, sad, and also disappoint with my self~~
I try not to care about this but it is haunting me 'til now..
Yeah, our brain is programmed not to forget both pleasant and unpleasant moment in our life..
I convince my self that everything happens for a reason, including this..
That I must proud for volunteering my self to do the story telling..
At least I had courage to try it..

Now let's move to other topic..
Do you see the picture above the birthday cake and above the cupcake??
I just knew today from a TV program that it is called edible photo/edible image..
That pictures are printed in an icing sheet!!
Its ink made by foods coloring.. (Don't you think it's kinda cool?! Come and check this site..)
So, interested to buy??
There's a cake shop located in Pondok Kelapa Dua (Depok) named Dapur Pochopa..
Interested to try making an edible photo??
Here's the step..

Just like the song.. There's always a rainbow after the hard rain. Though it looks so small, it's still called RAINBOW ~ Jessie
God bless us~~ :))

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