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Saturday, February 20, 2010

All We Need Is Just Communicate

Never bored to share someone's testimony..
This one is from one of my campus friend's sister..
She is now studying in China..
Three days ago, she came to our campus fellowship and shared her story..

In China, her mom told her to find an "English speaking" church and to join the service every Sunday..
You should know that China is a communist country..
Every Christian fellowship or service is held illegally..
If they get caught, they all could put in jail..
(How grateful we are living in a liberal country~~)
But she just could find "Mandarin speaking" catholic church there..
At first she felt relieved, knowing that she had a reason to not go to church..
One day, she got a small bump at her chess..
She called her mother and was suggested to check it to doctor..
The doctor told her to wait..
If the bump get bigger, it could be a cancer or tumor..
She was so freak out so that her mother asked her whether she goes to church or not, read the Bible or not..
She answered "No, mom.. I can't understand the language and I don't bring my Bible.."
Then her mother told her, "Okay then..You just pray, ask for your healing.."
So she tried to do it..
She said "God, heal me please.. I'm sure You can cure me if You want to.." (Simple, isn't it?)

Meanwhile, she still continued searching an "English speaking" church..
All she found is Christian Protestant church with English language..
(Well, I think there is no large difference..)
Since then, every Sunday she joined the church service..
At several weeks, she said that she always sleeps in every preaching session..
(I remember a preacher saying this statement.. "Every preacher can do a miracle.. Especially at the last minute of their sermon.. Whenever they said 'And the last one, ....' , every closed eyes are opened, every exhausted person is rejuvenated.. Haha XD)
But gradually, she finally could handle it..

Her bump?!
It got smaller day by day..
She even didn't have to pay any doctor to cure that..
How incredible~~

One more thing..
After she recovered, her mom told her to pray for her brother..
She was trying to talk to his brother via Facebook chat..
But he there were no response from him..
So she only could pray for him so that her brother meet nice people who can deliver him to get to know amazing personality of God..
And her pray is answered..

Just like the title of this post "All we need is just communicate"
He wants us to come to His presence and believe that He will always find a way to find His lost sheep..
And I really feel so guilty about this thing~~
My personal relationship with Him now (my Daily Bread and my personal prayer) is just like this...

Flash from here (watch the other cool flash video!!^^)

Where are your priority, Jc??
You even haven't start your extraordinary-busy semester yet..!!
I am so pathetic~~ T___T
For every one who read this, I just need your support...
At least a valuable little prayer..
Nevertheless, I'm grateful for my family altar which is still going on until now..
I'm so sorry, Dad.. >__<

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