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Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunday Full of Surprises

I woke up late yesterday morning, went to the morning service in hurry (forgot to wear my watch, forgot to bring my hairpin (didn't feel comfortable if I'm not wearing it -,-"), brushed my hair in the car, must moved my provider card from BB to my old phone coz my BB was out of battery (it took times enough)..

At the church, I met my "rarely see" cousins (husband and wife)..
They went to my church to accompany my other cousin (from the same family w/ them) who had to be there to play organ for the morning service..
I just realized that the wife is pregnant..
She's going to birth her baby three and a half month more...
Can't wait to see the new comer in my big family!! >O<

Then I went to Sunday School.. (the place is not in my church.. It takes about 5 minutes if I go there by foot from church..) 
It was my turn to be the keyboardist at the service and I played smoothly enough (Thx Dad :))..
After the service over, all the teachers and the kids entered their own classroom..
I myself teach the kindergarten class...
That Sunday class was noisy as always..
It because one of my children suffers a kind of disorder..
He doesn't listen carefully to our (me and my teaching partner) words..
Instead, he enjoys "his own world" and that makes other children can't concentrate to the Bible story..
But yesterday, everything was under control... (never bored to say thanks to Daddy JC.. :)) 

Afterward, once again I played keyboard for the Sunday School teacher's fellowship that lead by my dad..
The keyboard was replaced with the one from upstairs (which usually played for the 2nd grade and above)..
I never play that keyboard before, so I was so confused every time I must play the next song.. (I got to change the setting: the rhythm style and the tempo..)
Thanks to Ka Adhi for helping me with this one.. :)

Next activity, I went to Sunday School teacher's coaching at GKI Gunung Sahari..
That day's material was how to make "purpose of the studying"..
Actually, at my Sunday School, I don't have to make it coz it already written in our guide book named Suluh Sekolah Minggu.. 
However, I have to learn it coz I got a paper that must be done as our final exam..
At the end of the coaching, they pronounced the worship leader for next week..
It is from my church.. >__<
Why it is so fast??
Or it just my feeling??
Just so you know, my church has already got turn to be the worship leader..
That includes preparing snack and drink for all the participants..
It was me preparing the consume and my partner who did the worship leader..
It's just the two of us~~
So this time, I have to be the worship leader and she prepares the consume..

Am I ready, Dad??
"Yes you are", said Daddy..
"That's why I choose you", He added.. 
But I don't feel like I'm ready.. How, how??
Just prepare me oh Lord..
Make the best of what happens next...
Whatever it is~~ :)


A N A S T A S Y A said...

hey jessie

iyaa aku dari SMAK 7 haha, aku sekilas inget2 muka kamu sihh aduuhh maaf yaa,, aku udah lupa2 muka hahaha *short term memory loss nih*,,btw iyaa aku kenal sama Fenny, temen smp aku, kamu kenal dimana? kita mirip yaa hahaha..mungkin2 :D

Dogloverzz said...

Masi inget sekilas jg uda bagus ka...
Aku pikir malah ga inget sama skali..
Haha.. X)
Ci Fenny jg satu fakultas ma aku...
Satu angkatan ama Pipi juga~~
Aku knal ci Fenny gara2 dulu pernah satu kepanitiaan di kampus..
Hehehe... :)