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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Mighty Man: Angus Buchan

I know this movie from a mailing that I subscribe..
It's one of many movies that tells about how amazing is our God..
HE doesn't want to choose a normal way to show His work..
Instead, HE prefer the upnormal ones..
All we gotta have is a little FAITH in it,, just like potatoes.. :)

Faith Like Potatoes is based on true story of a farmer named Angus Buchan. He has a wife, Jill Buchan, 2 daughters, and a son. He used to live in Broken Hill, Zambia, before he moves to Greytown, Kwa-Zulu Natal (South Africa) because some troubles that descent upon Zambian farmers. In his new place, he and his family must restart their livelihood from zero. Moreover, they get no livable house beside their caravan. A Zulu man named Simeon Bhengu offers him a help in building the farm. With Simeon's help and the other Zulus, he can back to his farm work and have a cozy small house. Although their basic needs are already fulfilled, there are still some economic problems that Angus must face in running his farm. On that situation, he becomes very stressed out and it impacts on his relationship with Jill. One day, Jill asks Angus to go to the local church. At first he doesn't want to come, but finally by his wife persuasion, he decides to come. At the church he is touched by that day's sermon and accepts the altar call. Since the day, Angus life is fully change. His faith grows day by day and through many miraculous event, his heart is highly longing to spread out what God has done in his life. In this movie, you can see how Angus Buchan undergoes many difficult situation, even a tragic event that took one of his closest relative's life (It is tragic.  He's still about 6 years old kid. I was shocked when I saw that scene. Remember, it's a TRUE STORY!). And I cried when the child's father, Fergus Buchan, meets his death son (Alistair Buchan) in his dream. This movie is inspiring!

You know what?!
Angus's house in the movie is built by material from nature..
It's a typical Zulu tribal's house that built in 3 weeks..
Interesting, isn't it??
Angus and Jill also built an orphanage for Zulu's orphans.. (love this!!)

For further information, Angus has been continuously holding a conference called Mighty Men's Conference (MMC) until now on..
Every year the conference is held at his own farm (Shalom Farm) in Greytown, South Africa..
And for this year,, the conference will be held on 16th until 18th of April with theme "Watchmen of the House" (Ezekiel 3:17)..
This photo is the real person (not the actors in the movie)..

From left to right: Simeon Bhengu (the Zulu man), Jill and Angus Buchan, Angus at MMC 2009
You also can visit his official website Shalom Ministries if you wanna know more about his events, his Zulu orphans, biography, etc..
Or if you wanna come to his 2010 conference,, just visit this site..

Oh yeah,, before I forget..
This movie get its book, too.. :D

The book is already translated into Indonesian language :)

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