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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We Are in Runner Up!!

By the time I went to the mall to find our big family's Christmas present with my parents (read my post),,
we ate at Kelapa Gading ground floor's food court...
Our table was near the television and my seat faced it..
When I finished eating my food,, I watched BBC World Challenge 2009 on Metro TV..
I was interested watching the show coz it's related to what I'm studying now..
I was watching one of the finalist from UK which is Emission Control..
What's the issue??
It is the COWS...
I just knowed that if a cow is burping,, they can produce methane gas just like the cars..
Methane is a harmful greenhouse gas...
As the demand of meat in almost all beef industry keep growing,, the potential of methane gas to be produced also increases..
It is known the amount of cows in the world as many as the amount of cars..

So,, researchers in UK seem to find the idea in order to decrease the gas produce..
They found that garlic bulb consumed by cow can cut the gas in half..
Interesting, isn't it??
Cows,, meet garlics.. ;P

Do you know who's the next BBC Challenge 2009 finalist that I watched??
Our country!! Nothing Wasted from INDONESIA...

This is it..

And the winner of BBC World Challenge 2009 is......

Bright Idea: Safe Bottle Lamp Foundation, Sri Lanka, which distributes safe, virtually unbreakable kerosene lamps to those who can’t afford electricity. The Safe Bottle Lamp Foundation received a $20,000 grant from Shell to invest in the future of the project.

The runners-up, each receiving $10,000, are:

Nothing Wasted: Danamon Go Green, Indonesia, which turns waste from traditional farmers’ markets into organic compost.

Fungi Town: BTTR Ventures, U.S., which uses coffee grounds that would otherwise end up in landfills as nutrient rich “soil” in which to grow mushrooms.

For more information,, you can see the The World Challenge website..
I wish next year,, there's a breakthrough for Indonesia so that we can be the next winner!!
So proud to be Indonesian.... ^.^


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