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Thursday, November 19, 2009


Believe it or not, I drew the pictures in 6th grade. I was so addicted to this Delicious! comic. I don't really remember the story plot. Mainly, it tells a story about triangle love and cooking show. This is the small review taken from Wikipedia:

Ringo Nonohara's dream is to become a star. Although she can't cook, she tries out for the lead in a cooking show called "Delicious Time," which will also be starring the star she idolizes, Mahito Ishizaka. When she discovers that the final stage of the competition will mean she has to prepare a dish, however, Ringo calls on her good friend, chef, and next-door-neighbor, Tsutsui Kazuomi. Thanks to Kazuomi's help and her own cute persona, she is chosen for "Delicious Time." Thus begin trials as Ringo tries to become a star.

At the end page of each Delicious! comic series, there is always cake recipes that is mentioned in that series' story. I drew its three main characters based on what I saw in the comic with pencil on A3 paper^^

1. Ringo Nonohara

Ringo is the main female protagonist of Delicious! She is a huge fan of Mahito Ishizaka and is thrilled to be working with him. In the beginning she is clueless about Kazuomi's love for her, but over time she becomes more aware of it. Ringo is cute, energetic, and emotional. Her birthday is the tenth of October (10/10), her blood type is A, and she likes manga, dance, and karaoke. (Wikipedia)

2. Kazuomi Tsutsui

Kazuomi is the next-door neighbor and longtime friend to Ringo, whom he has a weak spot for. Because he is a good cook, he is often teaching her the recipes she uses on "Delicious Time!" His birthday is the fourth of April (4/4) and his blood type is B. He also plays basketball, which he remembers playing with his father. (Wikipedia)

3. Mahito Ishizaka


Mahito is a pop star who is host of "Delicious Time" with Ringo. He is influential in the choice of Ringo as host, since he will be co-starring. He grows affectionate of Ringo, and is depressed when he must quit "Delicious Time" and partner with Ayana. (Wikipedia)

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